Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mattell Random Legacy, 4.40.5

Wait! Have you read chapter 4.40 Party Spirit? This is a direct follow-on and won't make sense without having done so.

  “Last chance to stop this.” Leighton muttered as Shaena pushed the door closed behind him. She stood on tiptoe and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him as close as possible. “Too late.” He announced against her mouth, scooping her up and setting her down on her bed. He leaned over her as he once again ran his fingers down her side. He continued past her waist this time, all the way to the hem of her dress. She expected him to pull it up and off as soon as he could, but instead he slipped his hand under the skirt, pushing his hand between her leg and the tight fabric until he made it to her hip and her underwear.

  “Plumbob above, your skin’s so soft, and you smell so amazing, and…” He stopped talking and instead kissed a trail down her neck.
  “And what?” Shaena asked, curious.
  “Nothing. What’s that scent? I literally want to eat you.” Shaena froze. Having a vampire tell you they literally wanted to eat you was a new experience, and she wasn’t sure what kind of literally he meant. “Shit.” He pulled back, feeling her freeze up, and looked her in the eyes. “Sorry, not literally. Well, ok, I’d love to see if you taste as good as you smell, but… Sorry, I don’t really know what to say. You know what I mean, right?” Shaena nodded her head yes, giggling a little at Leightons attempt to explain himself.

  “Last chance.” Leighton grinned as he took hold of her underwear.
  “I thought I already had my last chance at the door?” Shaena raised an eyebrow.
  “Just making sure.” He leaned down and started up kissing again while he pulled her panties down to her knees, Shaena bent her legs so he could slide them off without breaking the kiss. He trailed his fingers back up her silky smooth leg to the hem of her dress once again. He tugged a little, but realised it wasn’t going anywhere with her lying on the bed and him on top. He knelt on the bed, one leg either side of her as he used both hands to tug the tight material over her head.

He balled the material up and threw it over his shoulder as he gazed down at her naked body; his prize. Shaena squirmed a little under his stare, uncomfortable with the attention, so Leighton pulled his shirt over his head, quickly throwing it behind him too as he leaned down to kiss her again.

Shaena could feel his kiss getting more desperate, his fingers teased her nipple before skimming over her flat stomach and finding her clit. She gasped as he stroked her gently, and instinctively she spread her legs apart. All there was for a blissful few minutes was him, her, and his practiced caress. She didn’t even notice when he stopped kissing her to watch her pleasure, she wouldn’t have let him watch if she’d known. He watched her expression as he worked his magic, enjoying her light, panting breaths. He could hardly take it anymore, his trousers were becoming very uncomfortable and restricting. He wanted to do this, though. He wanted to show some self control, for himself more than anything. It had already been two months, the longest he’d gone in over two hundred years, but he didn’t care. He was waiting for her.

He pushed a finger inside her, she moaned quietly, and he wanted so desperately to hear her scream his name. Unfortunately, the two boys slept in rooms either side of hers, and nobody wanted that conversation. He slipped in a second finger and she gasped a little. His brain suddenly reminded him how long it had been for her, halting his ideas of tasting her before he even realised he was thinking them.

  “Leighton-“ Shaena couldn’t finish whatever she was trying to say. His strong fingers played a skilful rhythm, and her hands clutched at the bed sheets as she threw her head from side-to-side, subconsciously denying herself the pleasure he was giving her.
  “That’s it, baby, come for me.” Leighton’s voice growled low in her ear, before he slipped his tongue into her mouth, trying to illicit a response. She was too far gone to respond, so he changed to pressing gentle kisses on her lips as he sped his fingers up. Her legs closed on his arm, her mind trying to force her not to enjoy this, but her body wouldn’t obey. Leighton smiled to himself as she threw her head back and squirmed beneath him, finally succumbing to her orgasm.

He let her recover for a few moments, watching her panting, trying to catch breath. She opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her, blushing a little, she lifted herself to kiss him, silently thanking him.

She trailed her fingers to his trousers, tugging at the button.
  “More?” He teased, moving his hands to help her free him from his restraints, using his thumbs to pull both his trousers and boxers down his thighs. He paused, reaching around to his back pocket, he straightened up as he struggled to force his hand inside.
  “What’s up?” Shaena asked, trying to keep her eyes on his face. He pulled his hand out and placed a condom between his teeth while he backed off the bed and removed the remainder of his clothes. Shaena took the opportunity to reposition herself, resting her head on the pillows as Leighton slipped the thin rubber over his member, and climbed back onto the bed. He kissed her gently as he parted her legs and teased her with his finger again. Shaena gasped quietly, there was no going back now, but she didn’t want to go back. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted Alex.

  “You’re so fucking wet.” Leighton moaned as he started kissing down her neck, running his finger up her stomach to take her breast in hand as he pushed himself against her opening. He thrust himself in, joining their bodies for the first time and waiting a second or two for her to get used to his size, before starting a gentle rhythm. It was in those first moments he realised he had wanted this for longer than he’d imagined. He’d had countless women since his wife had died fifty years ago, but none of them had ever meant a thing. He’d had a few girlfriends, including a brief disastrous fling with Bonnie, and whatever he and Kaity had had. But this was different. This wasn’t just about getting off and making himself look good by getting his partner to scream his name. This wasn’t about seeing how many shapes the female body could be contorted into. This was about healing a broken girl, showing what sex could be. This was about Shaena. It had always been about Shaena. He’d always thought she was beautiful, ever since he’d first laid eyes on the quiet twenty-three year old girl keeping to herself behind her loud, daring best friend. He remembered the first time he’d come home with Kaity, and she was cleaning the kitchen for her. He remembered the quiet sigh and slight shake of the head when she’d seen the state her friend was in, and could hear her voice telling Kaity that her six month old twins would probably want feeding soon so she had better stick around for a bit. He felt guilty overlooking her, always seeing her as the friend and never the goal. She was worth so much more than that and although Kaity and Shaena still, and always would, came as a package deal, it was the Shaena part he was here for, and it always had been. She had been the reason he’d always wanted to come back here rather than his own house. Just the thought that he might catch a glimpse of her golden skin, or sandy hair as she pushed past them in the doorway, returning to her own house. The hope that he might exchange a few words with the shy girl who would arrive early in the morning to tend to her cousin’s children, while her cousin stumbled around, trying to make herself presentable for work. He didn’t know how he’d missed it all those years, but was glad she was his now.

  “This is torture.” Shaena panted quietly, breaking him out of his thoughts. Leighton had forgotten he was still being gentle. He looked down at her, her face a mix of pleasure and pain, almost glaring back at him. He smiled. Shaena Lansing was underneath him, naked, and begging for more. A shock ran to his stomach, a little thrill of happiness as he readily granted her unspoken requests. He watched as her eyes fluttered closed and she chewed on her lip, memorising her perfect features for a rainy day.

His mouth hungrily kissed her neck, moving down, along her collar bone. His hips steadily rocked into her, and an arm wrapped around her leg, pushing it towards her chest as he ploughed ever deeper. As the sensations began to take effect, her nails dug into his back, and he took a sharp intake of breath at the mild pain. She forced herself to relax her hands, and opened her eyes to see how hurt he was. He was staring at her, a deep hunger in his eyes and a cheeky grin playing on his lips. She briefly wondered what he was thinking, but his movements took over and her ability to speak was lost. She pulled his face to hers, and kissed away his smile as he began moving in small, circular motions, her hips meeting his thrusts and bringing them to a joint ecstacy.


  1. Aw...
    "This was about healing a broken girl..." Aw.... It's all so sweet! Leighton there for Shae. And Shae so deserves it! Aw!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU, Sheana! I think that was worth the wait?? Can't help but think of True Blood vampires and their Duracell rabbit speed sexin though. Glad that's not the case with Leighton! ;)

  3. "She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted Alex."--that says it all, right there.

    "This was about healing a broken girl"--I take it back. THAT says it all.

    *sigh* That was beautiful. Very well written.